In today’s high-tech world, finding reliable high-skilled labor can be challenging. Automation Mechanical Services was created to provide a solution to your problem.

We offer short/long-term, temporary support.

Have you lost vital personnel to the operation of your plant and can’t afford to have a field-service engineer on a full-time, temporary basis? We can help.

Automation Mechanical Services is owned and operated by experts in the automation field. We are experts at identifying and recruiting great talent to meet the demanding needs of modern, high-tech equipment. We draw from a variety of sources. We monitor automation education facilities for people looking to enter this field. We test and recruit only the best people who have a great attitude and are eager to work. Additionally, we recruit from retired plant personnel. Frequently, these people have all the skills necessary and are either looking for short-term or part-time work.

Count on AMS (Automation Mechanical Services) to provide the best fit for your needs at a significant savings over OEM and other field-service engineers.